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Ballard Parent- Teacher Bulletin

1601 Chicago Road

Niles, Michigan 49120


May 2, 2008

Dear Parents,

It's hard to believe that we have only a month left of this school year. During this last month it is always hard to keep the students thinking seriously about school. Many of them come to school tired and worn out from sports. The time change and the warm weather also keep students outside longer into the evening hours. For the next few weeks please try to keep your normal school schedule.

School Election May 6

Please remember to vote on Tuesday May 6th on the school Sinking Fund renewal and for the School Board!

       The vote is to renew a 1-mill sinking fund that can only be used to repair and maintain the facilities. If this fund is renewed it will be used to continue the roof replacement program, for emergency and critical repairs, to improve building security and invest in energy efficiency projects. This will not be an additional tax it is only a renewal.

"Dazzling Doors"

          Our classes are having fun this month highlighting our positive behaviors: be respectful, be responsible, be safe, be a scholar.  Classroom doors are decorated with art and writing to encourage and recognize the positive efforts of the students.  If you are in the building please take a look.

Last day of school PTO picnic

 The PTO is again busy planning our school picnic. This is the third year for this special activity. This is a safe and enjoyable day for our 700+ teachers and students in grades K-5.  The PTO plans outdoor activities, a picnic, and a special entertainment show. Time for teachers to meet for the last time with their classes is included. This celebration replaces individual class parties and we will not need parent volunteers as a result. Our teachers, cafeteria staff and the PTO provide all of the necessary help. This eliminates the mass confusion and horrendous parking problems that have occurred in past years.

We would like dismissal to be as normal as possible. Students who are bus riders go home as usual at the regular time and students who are picked up by parents each day will do the same on that last day. Students should not be picked up early on this day.

 Last year our teachers and students were very enthusiastic about this activity. Teachers loved the fact that they had time to be with their class and have closure for the year. The students enjoyed the activities and everyone loved the show and the food. We are looking forward to another successful end of year celebration.

Fifth Grade Recognition

         Our fifth graders will be honored at an assembly in our cafeteria on Wednesday May 28, 9:30 am. We hope many parents will be able to attend. This program will showcase some of the talents of our fifth graders.  Refreshments will be served. The program will be about 30 minutes. 


Spring Dress Code

       Please check the Friday Folder for a reminder of our Dress Code.

         A word of caution regarding the wearing of flip-flops, we do not recommend wearing them, especially on gym days. They are hard for the children to run in and toes are easily stepped on and tripping occurs frequently.

PTO News

          The last meeting of the year was held yesterday. We would like to thank our officers Darla Schneider, Terry Merica, Mary Rouse, and Amy Cavanaugh for their wonderful organizational skills and energy. Ballard is very fortunate to have a dedicated group of officers and members who are able to donate the extra time to help with a wide variety of family activities, community service opportunities and extra resources for our teachers and students.

          Thank you for your support of the Boxtops for Education. Ballard families collected enough box tops to earn $1300 this year. Approximately 90,000 Martin's receipt points were also collected. These are used for laminating film,

          New officers were elected for the 2008-2009 school year:

          President: Darla Schneider

          Vice President: Stephanie Bruckner

          Secretary: Amy DuVal                        T

          Treasurer: Michelle Slack 

        The first PTO meeting next year is Thursday, September 11. We look forward to a new year and new members as well.

        Thank you to all parents for the variety of support, time, energy and resources you have given to Ballard School and the community of Niles. You make this a great place to live, work and learn. 



       Tuesday, May 6               School Election,

          Tuesday, May 20             5th grade musical

       Monday, May 26              Memorial Day No school

          Wednesday, May 28         Fifth grade farewell assembly 9:30 am        

Thursday, May 29            Last day of school, this is a full day, regular dismissal 3:42pm.