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Howard-Ellis Anti-Bullying Policy and Discipline Rubric
Dear Parents,

The Howard-Ellis Staff continues to spend many hours discussing how to improve our school's learning environment and playground activities.  The Climate Committee has reviewd our problem areas over the past few years and it is evident that a very large percentage of discipline problems arise from bullying.  Because of this, we are now in the 4th year of our anti-bullying program.

As a staff, we have developed a dsicipline rubric which all staff members will institute.  Your child brought home a copy of the rubric at the beginning of the year for you to discuss with them.  Teachers will also be discussing the discipline policy and procedures with the students throughout the school year.
Another strong component of this program is building positive relationships between students and adults.  This will be done through mentoring and positive reinforcement.

We all strive to make Howard-Ellis the best place for educating your children.  In order for this to happen we must have a safe and orderly environment free from bullying, teasing and intimidation.  The staff has committed themselves to this program.  It is imperative that we have the cooperation of our parents in order to make this successful.

The Staff of Howard-Ellis Elementary