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  • Viking Pride!

    Viking Pride! It is more than what we do on the athletic field or court. It epitomizes how we feel about being part of the Niles community. Niles is a great place to live. It is also a great place to learn, to play and to be. Viking Pride embodies how we feel about ourselves and our community. Niles Community Schools, in partnership with the community, is dedicated to inspiring and preparing all learners through diverse opportunities to challenge the present and enrich the future. Viking Pride is Alive!

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  • The school year is winding down and we will be posting some dates to keep in mind.  

     The last day for morning Study Tables is this Friday, May 11th.  The last day for afternoon Study Tables is May 24th, Please plan accordingly.  


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  • The end of the year is coming on fast!!  A couple of reminders...............If your student has medications in the office, please pick them up no later than 2:00 on Friday, June 8th, any unclaimed meds will be disposed of after that date.    If there are any Library books, please make sure they are turned in.

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  • Niles Community Schools is hosting kindergarten registration on Thursday, April 19th at 6:00 P.M. and Friday, April 27th at 10:00 A.M.  Registration events will take place at Northside Child Development Center, 2020 North 5th Street, Niles.  To be eligible for kindergarten, children must be 5 years old on or before December 1, 2018.  Please bring child's birth certificate and proof of residency to registration.  If one of these dates or times does not fit your schedule, you may contact or visit one of our elementary schools at your convenience to begin the enrollment process.

    Please pass this information along to friends and family members who have kindergarten age children. 



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    DECLARATION DAY 8th Graders don't forget...your High School declaration forms are PAST due! You need to decide if you wish to attend New Tech or Traditional High School. FORMS MUST BE RETURNED TO RING LARDNER OFFICE WEDNESDAY 3/21/2018.LAST CALL!

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    EVERY MONDAY FROM 2:45pm - 3:25pm in the Ring Lardner Band Room.  All are welcome to attend!

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  • Graphic There will be a new club this year, GRAPHIC DESIGN CLUB.  This club will be headed by Mr. Morgan in the Art room.  You may contact Mr. Morgan for more information.  The club will meet every Thursday for nine weeks starting on March 22nd from 2:40-4:00. 

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  • If anyone is interested in the BABYSITTING CLINIC, you are welcome to pick up a form in the student info box.   This is a great way to feel comfortable with taking care of a child and know that you can make a difference.


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  • RING LARDNER will be offering two new programs for our students. Beginning Tuesday, November 14th, we will introduce “STUDY TABLES” and “Y-CLUB”. These programs will be open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.

    **Parents will need to provide their own transportation before school for their child.

    After school transportation will provided with the following conditions;

    Students must already ride a bus, must be “in district”, must sign-up on the “sign-up” sheet by NOON the day of the after school program. This process must be followed each Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday. NO Exceptions to this process. LATE Sign-ups WILL NOT be



    Study Tables may be either voluntary or assigned.  The premise is to allow students to gain opportunities to get homework help so that they can be academically successful.   We are offering Study Tables after school Tuesday through Thursday (2:45pm-3:30pm) AND in the morning Tuesday through Friday (6:30am-7:15am).  


    In addition to the morning Study Tables, we will also partner with the YMCA to offer morning physical activity (Yoga, Barre, speed ball, etc.) for students.  Students will be allowed into the building at 6:30 and they will participate in a 15-20 minute session and then they will go to Study Tables.  Students who do not want to participate in Study Tables will also be allowed to do a second session of physical activity.

    *IMPORTANT- ALL Morning Study Table/Y-Club sessions are held in the cafeteria, Students  must be dropped off and enter through the Gymnasium Doors.* 

    **If your student will be attending the Morning Study Tables and/or Y-Club AM Program-please, ALL Study tables will be held in the cafeteria

    Notify Transportation at 269-684-1420 that your student will not be at the bus stop.**

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  • Bus Route Students Please Take Note of the Bus Procedures, Some are new.

    1) Students that ride the bus from school to home routes need to ride a shuttle bus over to the high school. Walking from Ring Lardner to the High school is not permitted. 

     2) Students are to ride their assigned route bus if available at RL as a shuttle to the high school. 

    (Students have been allowed to ride any shuttle to the HS. This has changed, if available as a shuttle, they are to get on the bus they take home. 

    3) Once a student boards a shuttle bus they must ride that bus to the high school.  Shuttle buses that are full will close their doors. There will be no getting off the bus prior to departure unless the driver or the school administration determines it is necessary.

     4) Upon bus arrival at the High School, all transfer students will be stay on the bus until High School dismissal bell rings.   (This has not been the case in the past)

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Bully Awareness/Conflict Resolution

    Bullying is intentional behavior initiated by one or more students directed toward other student(s). Bullying exists when a student with more social and/or physical power deliberately dominates and harasses another with less power. Bullying is unjustified and typically repeated. Bullying/Harassment of students is prohibited, and will not be tolerated. Any student that believes she/he has been/or is the victim of harassment should immediately report the situation to the teacher, the principal or assistant principal, or may report it directly to Mr. Hertsel at 269-683-0736. All reports of bullying will be investigated. Consequences for bullying will range from a warning to expulsion, depending on the severity and number of previous offenses.
    Making intentionally false reports about bullying/aggressive behavior for the purpose of getting someone in trouble is similarly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Retaliation and intentionally false reports may result in disciplinary action. Giving false information when asked to identify oneself may result in disciplinary action. Click on the titles below to see additional information.


  • Ring Lardner Middle School serves 655 students in grades sixth, seventh, and eighth. Built in 1965, our school was named in honor of Ringgold Wilmer Lardner, who in the 1920's was one of America's best-known journalists and writers.

    Ring Lardner is committed to the educational practice of teaming and looping. By having teachers and students remain together for two years, we're able to provide a nurturing and stable learning environment that fosters the development of meaningful relationships. This is critical considering the profound social, emotional, and intellectual change that young adolescents experience during middle school.
    Our success comes as a result of a dedicated teaching staff that is willing to treat each child as a unique individual. A commitment to collaboration, the use of data, reflective inquiry, program coherence, and student achievement will continue to be at the forefront of everything we do.
    As members of this community, we are continually impressed by the quality of our students and the concern our parents have for their children. Every effort will be made by our staff to communicate and work closely with parents as we attempt to build strong and effective partnerships. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, concerns, or comments about Ring Lardner Middle School. You're invited to visit our building and see first hand how "PREMIER" students and a "PREMIER" staff create a "PREMIER" school.
    Adam Burtsfield, Principal
    Evan Winkler, Assistant Principal