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    Log Into Spiceworks

    To log in to our help desk system Spiceworks, you'll have to go to ncsspiceworks in your preferred internet browser. Its important to not type www. in front of this web address. This website will only work when you're on the district's network.


    You'll be greeted with the page above. To log in to Spiceworks, type the same log in information you use to access your school computer, like so:


    If this is your first time using Spiceworks, you'll be asked to re-verify your log in information and provide your school e-mail address so Spiceworks can notify you of progress on your help requests.


    Keep in mind, you'll be providing the same username and password you entered on the last page.

    Once you've filled out the entire form, press Login and you'll be logged into Spiceworks! If you received an error, ensure that you've entered all your information correctly.

    Create A Spiceworks Ticket

    At the home Spiceworks page you'll have a form to fill out for your help request. It consists of a Summary (a short, but concise description of your problem), the Description (providing any additional information you can to help us assist you quickly and efficiently. This can include, but not limited to, computer name, model, what you see, etc.), the Room Number (the number of the class room, or Office for Office, etc.), and the School Building (a drop down box to let you choose which school you are at).

    There is also a field to upload an attachment. This is entirely optional and is only necessary if you have a screenshot or other files to add to help us fix your problem.

    We do ask that you create one help ticket per problem you are having.


    Once you have filled out the form to the best of your ability, press the Submit Request button to submit your help ticket.


    Your ticket will be automatically assigned a number and our IT staff will be notified immediately of your problem. From here you can choose to add any additional comments you may have forgotten, or click the home link up in the navigation bar to enter another ticket or view all of your open requests.


    Respond To A Spiceworks Ticket

    There will be times where a tech will need to communicate with you about your problem. As we manage the technology in nine different school buildings, we're more than likely on the go. This means that we won't always have access to a school phone line and will be unable to receive your call.

    Spiceworks has a built in commenting system where a tech can talk to you to further diagnose the problem. Every time we respond to a ticket, you should be notified at the school e-mail address you provided with the ticket number and the comment.

    To view and respond to a ticket, click the link of it on the home page of Spiceworks.

    For this example, John Appleseed just received notification from a tech. He clicks the link of his current problem "My computer won't turn on" and navigates to this page:


    He's glad to hear that his problem is being looked into (keep in mind, if a tech hasn't responded, it doesn't mean your problem has been forgotten).

    A little later on, John remembered something, he turned off the power strip under his desk before he left work! He flips it back on and finds that his computer will turn on now. The problem being fixed on his end with no intervention, he wants to tell the techs that everything is fine.

    He types up a comment, telling the techs how he fixed it, and clicks the Submit Comment button.


    Because John was the one that fixed the problem and not the computer techs, he can close the help request by clicking the Close Request link on the right hand side.


    Now the techs know that the problem has been fixed and can go about assisting others with their requests.

    Here are some extra tips about communicating through tickets:

    • You can revisit or re-open tickets by clicking the "View your completed IT help requests" link.
    • If a tech fixes your problem, he/she will close the ticket for you, as well as provide documentation on how the problem was solved.
    • If you fixed a problem yourself, please tell us in a comment how you fixed it before closing it.
    • Please do not submit another ticket for a problem that's already currently in the system. Techs will try to respond to problems in a timely fashion. Duplicate tickets will only slow him/her down (as the ticket will have to be closed and documented that the problem is already in the system).
    • If a problem was fixed and the issue comes back in a reasonable time frame, you can re-open the closed ticket instead of creating a new request.

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