• Compass Learning Odyssey For K-8 Grade Students

    Compass Learning and NWEA have partnered to automate student personalized learning. Compass Learning imports test data from MAP (NWEA). Compass Learning Paths are automatically created and assigned based on MAP (NWEA) RIT range. Using their personalized paths, students complete Compass Learning activities, based on research about how children engage and learn, that are directly linked to their MAP-identified learning needs. Research has shown that students who complete 90-120 min a week show growth in MAP proficiency. Please encourage your student to login to Odyssey at home.

    Compass Learning Odyssey may be accessed at www.thelearningodyssey.com or you may click here.  If your student does not know their Odyssey username and password, they may be obtained from the school.  Enter Niles for the school the first time you login.