• Welcome to 7th/8th Grade AP Homeroom and 7th and 8th Grade Math Class!

    Instructor: Ms. Misty Krueger

    Daily Schedule:
    7:45-7:50 Students arrive, give lunch count, prepare for the day.
    7:50-8:35 Specials:

    7th Grade 1st 9 weeks:
    Mon        Tues        Wed        Thurs        Fri
    Media        Choir        Media     Choir        Media

    8th Grade 1st 9 weeks:
    Mon        Tues        Wed        Thurs        Fri
    Choir        Media        Choir        Media        Choir

    7th Grade 2nd 9 weeks:
    Mon        Tues        Wed        Thurs        Fri
    Art        Gym        Art        Gym        Art

    8th Grade 2nd 9 weeks:
    Mon        Tues        Wed        Thurs        Fri
    Gym        Art        Gym        Art        Gym
    (Specials schedule will switch every 9 weeks)    

    8:40-9:25       Homeroom Nonfiction/History (7/8)
    9:25-10:35        LA:7  Math:7/8  SCI: 8
    10:40-11:20    LA: 8  MATH: 7  SCI: 7/8 (part 1)
    11:25-12         Lunch/Recess
    12:05-12:35    LA: 8  MATH: 6  SCI: 7/8 (part 2)
    12:40-1:50        LA: 7/8  MATH: 8  SCI: 7
    1:55-2:40        PBL (Begin with homeroom, switch every 9 weeks)
    2:40-2:46        Homeroom/Pickup
    7th Grade Homeroom: Nonfiction/History
    -Eastern Hemisphere
    Students will utilize in-class reading and computer-based materials and an individual student binder, which is required for each class period. Students will use inquiry skills to investigate the unique features of seven world regions. For each region, students will participate in mapping, which will deepen student understanding of the regions population, physical features, vegetation, economic resources and climates. Through case studies of geographic issues, students will study the history and culture of each region and its people. Critical thinking questions, maps and graphics will provide the basis for in-depth classroom discussions.

    8th Grade Homeroom: Nonfiction/History
    -Integrated United States History
    Eighth grade students continue their study of United States History from the writing of the Constitution through Reconstruction. Geographic, civics/government, and economics content is integrated within the historical context. Using significant content knowledge, research, and inquiry, the students analyze an issue and propose a plan for civic  action. They develop reasoned arguments and write a persuasive civic essay addressing issues from the past within a historical context. Where appropriate, they make comparisons to relevant contemporary issues.

    Math Topics:
    Ratios and Proportional Relationships
    The Number System
    Expressions and Equations
    Statistics and Probability

    *The 7/8 AP class will complete 8th grade math during the the first semester and will delve into advanced concepts during the second semester.

    Student Planner:
    Your child will be provided with a student planner. This student planner will be expected to be taken to each class on each day and home each night. Students will write homework and important information or reminders in their planners for each class. Parents are expected to check their child’s planner each night.

    Math homework will be given 4-5 days a week. It is expected to be completed the next day. The math curriculum offers a website which provides on online textbook, examples, a teacher-tutor, extra practice, assessment checks, as well as other helpful tools. Your child will be provided with the website, a username, and a password during the first week of school to utilize this valuable tool. If there is an emergency or a legitimate issue with completing the homework by the next day, a parent will need to write a note in his/her child’s planner and sign it. The student will then get an additional day to complete it. Homework is a vital component in daily class work, as it is practice of a skill/skills that was learned in class. If your child does not complete the homework, his/her grade will greatly be affected. Each homework assignment is worth 5 points. If they complete the assignment to the best of their ability, they will receive all 5 points. If they do not complete it, they will receive a zero (0) for that assignment. Each assignment will be graded in class the day that it is due for immediate feedback. Students will know immediately if they earned a proficient score, but either way, homework is worth 5 points.

    Extra Credit:
    “Problem of the Week”
    Students have the option to solve ONE of the two questions posted each Monday correctly for 1 or 2 extra credit points. Their solution must include all work and their final answer circled. All work must be shown in order to receive credit and they may only submit one problem per week. Submissions on due on Fridays at the end of the school day. No Exceptions.

    Parent/Teacher Communication:
    Communication between you and I is extremely important to me and to your child. It will be important for you to consistently check Power School as well as your email. This is where I will provide important information on homework, happenings, events, important dates, projects, etc. Email is the best and most valuable way to communicate on an individual level for any questions or concerns you may have.

    I am looking forward to an amazing year with you and your child!

    Ms. Misty Krueger