• Resumes

    There are two main types of resumes high school students need to have.  One is the work experience resume and the other is referred to as an academic or sometimes as an activities resume.  All of these resumes highlight the experiences you have had so far in life that will help contribute to getting a job or going on to college.  
    An Academic/Activity Resume is used in multiple settings:
    1- a teacher may ask for a copy when you ask them to write you a letter of recommendation
    2 - you may include it with your college applications so admission committees have more information about you OR you can use it as a list to refer to when filling out your application.
    3- many scholarships require you to write about these activities or ask for a listing of your activities. You can attach it with your scholarship applications.  
    If you keep your academic/activity resume up to date throughout high school, it will save you lots of time and stress when it comes time to complete all these applications in your senior year.  
    How to Create your Academic or Work Experience Resume
    You can update and print your work or academic resume from Careercruising.comYour username and password are the same as your school computer log in.
    For an example of an academic resume with pointers click here.
    Sections to Include
    Work Experience
    Volunteer Experience
    Extracurricular Activities
    Leadership - can be weaved in the other areas or listed separately
    Work Experience Resume 
    Here is a resource to help you create a resume, especially if it is for your first job or you have little-no work experience.