• Apprenticeships
    Yes, they are alive and well!
    An apprenticeship is an opportunity to work, get paid, and get free training all at the same time.  There are apprenticeships for many types of careers.  Check out this website for a listing of various career options and search which states have registered programs. http://www.mynextmove.org/find/apprenticeship
    Michigan has a new program called MAT 2 Squared.  The Michigan Advanced Technology program pays you to work, gives you free training, pays you an additional stipend, and gives you a guaranteed job.   The ideal time frame to apply is by December 15, but they take applicants through June.  For more information and to apply....http://www.mitalent.org/mat2/
    Skilled Trades are again in high demand.  Check out Going Pro a Michigan initiative to reintroduce skilled trade jobs http://mitalent.org/skilled-trades 
    The requirements of students looking to get into an apprenticeship vary.  Below are some general guidelines students should use to prepare themselves for being a good apprenticeship candidate:
    Excellent School Attendance
    Have a drivers license and reliable transportation
    Take Math and Science Classes every year 
    Maintain average grades or better
    Previous Work Experience (paid or unpaid) in any field
    Pass Tests such as Work Keys
    Be 18 or older
    Have earned a High School Diploma
    For more information on how to obtain an apprenticeship in Michigan, check out this guide.