• Mr. Morgan
    My Name is Mr. Morgan. I teach Art. I am a dependable and patient person with a lifelong love of learning. I love working with people, especially young people. I'm organized, hardworking, creative, and adaptable. I have a way of reaching the students' hearts and minds, a way of getting them to believe in themselves. I'm able to balance kindness with strictness. I love creating a colorful and exciting learning environment.

    My attitude is that I will do the best I can to serve the district, the school, and therefore the students. The students are always my first priority.

    I bring a "Can Do" attitude with me to work everyday.

    I have made a website for my students called - teachingvikingsart.com

    The website was designed for the teachers, students and parents of Niles Public Schools. The website shows what the students are currently working on and has their future assignments. This is an excellent source for the students who are sick or planning a vacation, that need to make-up assignments missed in Art class.

    The best way yo get ahold of me is through email at scott.morgan@nilesschools.org - I will respond no later than one business day.