Mrs. Gourlay  

    Mrs. Amy Gourlay
    Welcome to the Ring Lardner Library! I am so excited to be working with your students to help foster their love for reading. I started as the librarian at Oak Manor 6th Grade Center and have seen how much reading these students can do! I moved to Ring Lardner just before the two schools merged and have been working very hard to make the library a place where the students want to visit! I have been adding more books to our collection in hopes that I will be able to grab the attention of these young readers. Reading helps to build a student's vocabulary and improves their writing and, ultimately, their test scores and grades. Ask your student what they are reading...see what they say. Let them see you read at home. It will help them be the best student they can be.
    If you ever need to get in touch with me, I can be reached at 683-6610, ext. 10239, or by
    e-mail at amy.gourlay@nilesschools.org.
    Read something every day!