• To review the Calendar dates for the Niles School District 2016-17 school year you can copy and paste the link below.
    Dear Niles Community Parents and Staff,

    Our 2016-17 school calendar is now posted on our Niles Community Schools website and Facebook page. We want to make you aware of several changes. You can also copy and paste this address to go to on your internet. http://nilesschools.schoolwires.net/cms/lib7/MI01001273/Centricity/Domain/1/16_17_Calendar.pdf
    The state is requiring five additional student instructional days next year. As we did not receive an increase in funding to offset the cost of these days, we had to add a few more 1/2 days to the district calendar. We know that we have many working parents who this affects. To help, we have partnered with the YMCA to provide childcare to our Kindergarten-5th grade families during the afternoons on the 1/2 days. The YMCA will already be implementing an after school program until 6:00pm to accommodate parent work schedules and we can use that program to help our working parents. We plan to release more information regarding these programs once the final planning process is complete. As a district, we will take advantage of the 1/2 days to provide high quality and continuous professional development to our staff. To that end, we are able to turn the additional 1/2 days into an asset that will build the capacity of our teachers and improve instruction in your child’s classroom. Student attendance on all of our 1/2 days will be very important to maintain the consistency they need to learn as well as to ensure your child’s school can be fully funded by the state. Please plan accordingly.
    Additionally, starting in the fall of 2016, Niles Community Schools will adjust the school day times to better accommodate our students. The following table lists the start and end times
    for each building.
    Building                                                                                         Start time                End time                          Half day

    Niles High School, Niles New Tech, & Eastside Connection        7:45  am                 2:46 pm                   7:45am    - 11:07 am

    Ring Lardner Middle School                                                          7:30 am                  2:31pm                    7:30 am   - 10:52 am

    Oak  Manor Sixth Grade Center                                                     7:30  am                 2:31 pm                   7:30 am   - 10:52 am

    Ballard Elementary & Howard Elementary                                    8:45 am                 3:46 pm                    8:45am    - 11:58 am

    Northside Childhood Development Center        

    Special    Education,    GSRP,    Montessori        AM    (Mon    -Thurs)

    Special    Education,    GSRP,    Montessori        PM    (Mon    - Thurs)

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Donna Roark, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Personnel at 269-683-6662. Thank you for your continued support of Niles Community Schools and for serving as our partner in your child’s education.

    James  Ellis Elementary                                                              8:40  am                     3:41 pm               8:40  am  - 11:53  am

    Southside                                                                                     8:25 am                      2:51pm                8:25  am  - 11:29  am

    Cedar Lane                                                                                  7:50 am                      2:22 pm               7:50 am   - 10:43  am

    Full    Day    Kdg    (Mon    - Fri)                                                   8:35    am 3:36    pm 11:40    am
    Montessori    -Full    Day    Friday                                                 12:23    pm 3:36    pm