College Campus Visit Checklist

    Campus visits are highly recommended. Before you visit college campuses, consider some of the options below. It is also important to develop a list of questions and plan specific activities in order to accomplish your goals.  Junior year and the summer before Senior year are great times to visit a campus.  Keep in mind you will get the most clear picture of campus life if you visit during the fall and/or spring semesters when campuses are in full swing.  Parents: a college visit is considered an excused absence when you let the office know. 

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     and here for printable lists of questions and a college comparison chart.

    • Plan at least one full day at each school and a stay overnight, if possible
    • Visit when school is in session whenever possible
    • Bring a journal to jot down your impressions
    • Arrange to meet with an admission officer
    • Verify admission requirements (standardized tests and high school preparation)
    • Discuss your chances for success in certain programs
    • Find out how to apply
    • Obtain a school calendar, catalog, and newspaper
    • Determine college costs
    • Ask about financial aid opportunities, as well as deadlines, forms required, etc.
    • Meet with faculty in the department of your intended major
    • Attend a class to get an idea of typical size, teaching style, atmosphere, etc.
    • Ask about the job placement record for graduates in the field you might study
    • Identify career planning services for undergraduates
    • Take an official campus tour (be sure to check out the dorms, dining hall, library, etc.).
    • Talk to students about the general academic environment and the amount and kind of the study necessary for success
    • Find out what student activities (clubs, organizations, intramurals, etc.) are available and about campus life in terms of social activities
    • Have a meal on campus
    • Investigate transportation options
    • Students trust your "gut" about how you feel when you are on campus.

    Check out this blog for additional helpful information:  http://schoolsofthought.blogs.cnn.com/2013/03/13/how-to-get-the-most-out-of-your-college-visit/