Facts about Niles New Tech and Our Learners


    • Over 30% of Niles New Tech learners dual-enroll as juniors at Lake Michigan College and Southwestern Michigan College and take college courses at no cost to them. 
    • In the Fall semester of 2016, New Tech learners passed 156 out of 158 classes with a combined GPA of 3.4.
    • While collaboration is an essential part of our model, over 90% of a learner’s grade is based on individual work and mastery of content.  Less than 10% is based on a group grade.
    • Collaborative work at New Tech is unlike “group work” at other schools.  Learners are given tools to navigate the challenges of collaborative work and they create group contracts to ensure each group member contributes.
    • 6 times a year, learners write a college level research paper and are graded with Stanford University’s rubric.  New Tech graduates express that this has prepared them for college level course work and they feel advanced compared to their college classmates.  In each project and in each course, a learner is evaluated on college and career success skills: critical thinking, presentation, written communication, and reflection.
    • Learners make business connections through the projects at New Tech.  Many of our learners are employed with these partners while in high school.
      Community and business partners have given thousands of dollars of scholarships to learners for exemplary projects and products created at New Tech.
    • New Tech learners have been accepted at prestigious universities across the nation including Ivy League and Big Ten schools.
    • Many of our recent graduates are “ahead” of classmates in number of credits and their college status due to their participation in dual enrollment at LMC.