• Professional Dress
    It is an expectation that New Tech learners dress “up” for presentation, interviews, and business and community meetings that take place in or out of school. This policy is being put into effect as part of our entrepreneurial focus for several reasons:
    to create a more professional environment when we’re “showing off” what we do.

    • to help teach learners what it looks and feels like to work in a professional environment.
    • to create a unified school spirit around our entrepreneurial theme.
    • to set a tone for our attitude on days when attitude really matters.


    Specifics about what professional dress looks like will be worked out with groups of boys and girls during the first two weeks of school, but as a general guideline, please consider the following:

    If a learners is unable to purchase these items, please let Mr. Holtgren or Mr. Vota know.

    Learners will be notified in advance of which days are designated as Professional Dress Days.