Miss Ceili Rockhill



Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Ceili Rockhill

Deciding that I wanted to be a teacher was always such an easy decision for me. My mother has always worked with children and I wanted to be just like her. I started volunteering in her classroom right when I was old enough. She works with children with disabiltities at Northside Child Development Center and that is where I was able to get my first experiences working with children with disabilities. While volunteering there I fell in love with the culture, the children, and helping them to grow everyday. I went right into college knowing that I wanted to be a special education teacher. 

I began my studies at Southwestern Michigan college and there I recieved my associated degree in elementary education. After graduating Southwestern I transferred to Grand Valley State University to study special education. At Grand Valley I recieved my bachelors degree and I will also be recieving a masters degree in early childhood education. 

While in my studies it has been my goal to recieve as much experience as possible in order to learn the best teaching practices. This has lead me to pursue a wide array of different jobs, all teaching children in all different environments. At each job I recieved a new tool to add to my teaching tool box and I love that I get to use all I have learned to reach each of my students. I started as a "Niles girl" and I am so happy that I ended up back in this wonderful district. Go Vikings!