• Academic Hold

    The staff at Ring Lardner believes that every student can learn. However, making this a reality is very difficult when some students choose to disengage themselves from the learning process. While the majority of Ring Lardner student's regularly complete class and homework assignments in a timely manner, some continue to struggle with this issue. The end result is these students learn less and fail classes. Individual teachers have used many strategies in an attempt to help students with this problem. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, some students still are not completing assignments. Our commitment to "Leaving No Child Behind" makes this situation unacceptable.

    Students who regularly do not complete course work may be sent to "Academic Hold."  Students assigned to Academic Hold will be required to stay after school to complete missing assignments. 

    Our staff believes that Academic Hold will help students realize that the timely completion of quality assignments in an expectation, not a choice.  This will allow teachers to more accurately measure student progress.

    The success of this program depends on the combined efforts of teachers, parents, and students.  Please continue to talk to your student about their responsibility to complete all assigned work.  All of us at Ring Lardner appreciate your support.  If you have any questions about Academic Hold, please feel free to call.

    Academic Hold (AH)Policy
    • Academic Hold begins the week of September 20th. AH will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    • Students must collect needed materials and report to Room 12 by 2:47pm. AH ends at 3:40pm. Students will not be allowed to leave early. Transportation home is not provided.
    • Teaching staff will be available to help students.
    • Students may be assigned to Academic Hold for only one day at a time.
    • A teacher will not assign a student to AH unless a written warning has first been sent home and documented. Students will be instructed to return warning slips to their teacher after a parent or guardian has signed them.
    • Parent contact 24 hours in advance is required before students can be placed in AH. Contact may be made via phone conversation, voicemails or e-mails.
    • The student will receive an Academic Hold Referral form when assigned to AH.
    • Students are to receive feedback for all assignments completed in AH. Students are to receive no less than 75% of the grade earned.
    • AH will not be used for retesting or make-up work due to absences. The only exception to this would be work not completed two days after the student returns. See pages 14-15 in the student handbook. Make Up Work
    • Teachers have discretion to determine what constitutes quality work or completion of an assignment.
    • Students have the opportunity to avoid going to AH by turning in their work before the school day begins (7:35am) the day they're assigned. Teachers have the right not to accept the work if completed poorly. Students are to receive no less than 75% of the grade earned if the work is accepted. Parents will be notified if a student does not have to attend AH.
    • Students assigned to AH who are absent will be expected to go the next session.
    • Students not attending Academic Hold will be subject to disciplinary action.