Our goal is to raise money for student council, in order to continue to help our community, we want to do so in an atmosphere that provides fun and friendly activities.

     This years schedule of activities are as follows:



     We declare a Penny War! The battle rages on from March 6th-24th


    Location: Jugs will be located in the library!

    Pennies and 1 dollar bills = Positive Points

    Silver and all other bills = Negative Points


    Rules: Each class has their own jug for collecting money. Gain points by collecting pennies and 1 dollar bills to your class jug. Lower other classrooms totals by adding silver or other bills to their jug.


    1 penny = Positive 1 point


    1 dollar = Positive 100 points


    25 cents = Negative 25 points


    5 dollars = Negative 500 points


    Etc… Goal: Get the most points


    Prize: The class with the most points will win a treat for a week.

     Consolation Prize: The best decorated jug! (Sweet Treat)

     Jug Theme: “Say Goodbye OMC 6th Grade Center”



    Student Council Meetings


    April 11th 2:40-3:40 May 9th 2:40-3:40

                            student council