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    This course will cover many different sports, games, exercise and health related activities. Students will be instructed in basic skills, rules, fundamentals, and techniques used in all of these. Class objectives are to encourage participation, team work, and social skills.

    Students will learn the following:

    1) basic techniques of sports skills and game activities
    2) basic rules of sports and games
    3) ways to work with others in sports and game activities
    4) reasons for and techniques of weight lifting
    5) activities which can aid in the maintaining of a healthy lifestyle
    6) how to develop their own weight training program

    Students will demonstrate the following:

    1) fundamental motor skills
    2) fundamental object control skills
    3) fundamental body control skills
    4) fundamental rhythmical skills

    Students will develop the following:

    1) healthy levels of aerobic endurance
    2) healthy levels of muscular strength
    3) healthy levels of flexibility

    Students will learn the following personal and social traits:

    1) team work
    2) working with others of various skills
    3) adapting to different rules, games, activities, and facilities
    4) the value of physical activity and how it contributes to a healthy lifestyle