• What Does It Mean to Be A Blue Ribbon School?

    At Howard-Ellis we're very proud of our Blue Ribbon award but you might wonder, "What does it mean to be a Blue Ribbon School?"  Click on the link below for the official State of Michigan Department of Education explanation...

    Blue Ribbon Designation

    We're very proud of our students and what they have accomplished.  Way to go students! 

    But What Does Blue Ribbon Mean to the Students?

    These are actual student writings in response to the prompt "What does it mean to be a Blue Ribbon school?"...

    My Blue Ribbon School

    by Abbie H., Kindergarten Student

    We love school.

    I have good work.

    We love our teacher.

    We have good kids.

    We love our friends.

    We do good work.

    Blue Ribbon School

    by Jaycee M.

    Have you ever been to a blue ribbon school before?  Well I have.  It is fun knowing that we are a good and safe school.  I feel proud coming to school every morning.

    I feel safe coming to Howard School.  We have peer mediators.  Some have red shirts and some have blue shirts.  Everybody is nice to each other so they really don't have that many problems to solve.

    Have you ever seen how nice all the teachers and the principals are?

    I really love coming to a blue ribbon school every morning.  I am glad we got the shiny blue ribbon because our school is so good and we deserve the blue ribbon.

    Do you like school?  If you don't then come to Howard-Ellis school and then you will like school.