• Niles Community Schools Code of Conduct

    The primary objective of requiring appropriate student behavior and self-discipline is to produce a positive and safe learning atmosphere in which there will be no interruption of the teaching/learning environment.  All students will assume personal responsibility for their behavior and action, develop appropriate self-control, exhibit self-discipline, and accept the responsibility and consequences of any inappropriate behavior.  To accomplish this objective requires a cooperative effort from students, staff, and parents.

    All students shall:

    1. Respect the educational process through the display of appropriate language, attitude and physical behavior.
    2. Respect and honor the rights of other students to learn in an environment free of intimidation or harassment.
    3. Maintain satisfactory attendance.
    4. Report to class(es) on time.
    5. Comply with the dress code.
    Consequences for noncompliance for the above expectations shall include, but not be limited to the list below.  The severity or the repetitive nature of a student's behavior will be given consideration when determining appropriate consequences.
    • Community or school service
    • Detention
    • Denial of participation in school activities
    • Denial of privileges
    • Intervention by professional school staff
    • Parent contact or conference
    • Referral to an administrative panel
    • Referral to appropriate law enforcement or other governmental agency
    • School probation
    • Warnings

    The following behaviors will be considered unacceptable by Niles Community Schools and will result in suspension and an administrative hearing.  The behaviors listed below apply to actions on school property and school-sponsored activities.
    1. Any purposeful action that results in great bodily harm to another human being
    2. Use or possession of a weapon, explosive, look-alikes, or anything that is used as a weapon (Possession means on self or school property).
    3. Possession or use of any drugs or look-alikes (Includes alcohol and tobacco).
    4. Physical assault to any school staff or school representative (Shoving, pushing, spitting, hitting, etc.).
    5. Acts of arson.
    6. Acts of stalking (Repeated or continuing harassment of another individual that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested).

    Niles Community Schools Policy 5131:  Passed August 15, 1994, Revised January 16, 1995, Revised February 20, 1995