• Accelerated Reader Book Lists for Howard-Ellis
    We are pleased to announce that you can now check to see if a book is part of the Howard-Ellis Accelerated Reader program right from this website.

    Click here to see our AR Book List by Author
    Click here to see the AR Quiz List by Reading Level
    Click here to see the AR Quiz List by Title

    If you are looking for a book and you don't see it's name on one of our lists, it means we haven't purchased that particular test from the Accelerated Reader company.  If you have any questions about the tests we have or if you'd like to make a request please see Mrs. Guerin and or Mrs. Daniels.

    If you are taking a test on a book that is not from the Howard-Ellis libraries please write the title, the test number and the reading level of the book on a slip of paper and bring it with you when you are ready to test.  This will help you get to your test quickly. Thanks!

    If you have any questions about Accelerated Reader you can contact Mrs. Daniels or Mrs. Guerin.