Mrs. Amy Green
     Background: I have a teaching degree from Bethel College and have always been a 5th grade teacher. I am married with 3 children. My family and I enjoy doing things together. We like to hunt, fish, ski and many other things. We enjoy traveling and love Disney. The physical education teacher, Miss. Green is my sister in law. I am amazed at how long it takes for the students to figure this out. It makes us both laugh. As a teacher, I encourage students to do their personal best and always be willing to try. I encourage them to take part in their own problem solving by discussing what they understand rather than what they do not understand. This makes the learning more meaningful to them. 
    Planners-please make sure you are signing your child's planner each night.  
    Math can be a challenge for both the students and the parents. I do not have a designated homework night. Students have homework, only when they do not complete the work in class. This will vary for all children. If the math is not completed at the end of math, then it becomes homework. With that being said, I understand that the math has changed over the years and many of us, myself included, cannot help our children with their homework. My policy is that the parents sign the math paper and simply state that it was brought home, but needs help to complete. This lets me know that the student did bring the work home and put forth their best effort to complete, but simply does not understand. I will help the student complete the work.
    Please provide a healthy snack for your child each day, and water only. 
    Graham crackers, teddy grahams, cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers, granola bars, fruit are examples of healthy snacks.
    Please feel free to contact me at anytime. My school email is amy.green@nilesschools.org.    The phone number in (269)683-4633 ext. 11439 and you may leave a voicemail.
    Thank you for allowing me to teach your child. I look forward to a successful year.