• P.R.I.D.E. - Promoting and Recognizing and Individually Driven Education
    PRIDE, Promoting and Recognizing and Individually Driven Education.  This program will focus on teaching Gender Specific Life Skills throughout the school year.  The program will be divided into four sections, each section will be taught over a nine week period, with classes held twice a month.  The four sections are Self Pride which will focus on positive body image, self esteem and etiquette.  Giving Healthy, Growing Strong, which will focus on self sufficiency, economic independence and domestic proficiency.  Path to the Future,  which will focus on activism, making an impact and academic and career success.  Head - Heart - Hope, which will have a focus on female/male health, substance abuse and violence prevention and exploring cultural differences.
    The objective of the PRIDE Program is to implement gender specific life skills to the entire student body.  The program will provide the students with groundbreaking curriculum that promotes positive decision making, emotional balance and long term success.  PRIDE will help students develop the skills needed to set and achieve goals; enhance self esteem and confidence to bring about change.  This program will make a positive impact not only on our students but also on our community.