1.) Take a trip to your local Library and check out a few books. Join the summer reading program if you can, they are lots of fun!

    2.) Design your own bookmark. Remember it needs to be flat!

    3.) Find a favorite place at home that can be used for your own reading space. Make it comfy with pillows and a blanket so you'll want to spend time there, especially on a rainy day.

    4.) Color a dust jacket for one of your favorite books to keep it nice and clean!

    5.) Look at the dedication page in one of your books. Write one of your own.

    6.) Write a Haiku poem.. Remember they are 17 syllables, 1st line =5 syllables, 2nd line =7 syllables and the 3rd line = 5 syllables.

    7.) Draw a picture to illustrate your Haiku poem.

    8.) Practice your site words.

    9.) Design an advertisement for your favorite book.

    10.) Say your favorite nursery rhymes to a friend.

    11.) Work on your favorite reading and math games on Starfall.com, Highlightskids.com, or ABCya.com

    12.) Send Mrs. Small an e-mail to tell her how many books you read this summer.   pam.small@nilesschools.org