• Learner Voice

    Voice exists to provide learners "a voice" in school affairs.

    Members of Voice:

    • advise the director and facilitators on matters related to curriculum and student privileges.
    • lead their peers through active participation in maintaining positive school culture.
    • provide a forum for the discussion of student issues.
    • help organize school-wide events.

    For the 2016-17 school year, Voice consists of two learners from each advisory in each grade levels. The selection process is as follows:

    Selection Criteria

    1. Prospective members must turn in this application and speak to their class about why they desire to represent the advisory.

    2. Learners vote for the candidate they believe will best represent them.

    3. Facilitators and directors will review the applications and vote for learners based on their exhibiting of trust, respect, and responsibility.

    4. Votes will be tabulated and winners will be announced.

    General meetings facilitated by the director shall be held monthly at the following times:


    Committee and special interest group meetings may be held separately from the above schedule as needed.