Deadline for Fall Course Creations - May 1st
    Community Resource courses are courses provided by talented and knowledgeable people in our community.  You do not need a teaching certificate, but we do ask that you be an expert in your field.  Our students want a quality education directed by intuitive, empowering, and encouraging instructors.  You will have a Highly Qualified Teacher and Mentor assigned to your class as a resource for you and your students.
    The courses offered must be considered non-core, elective courses.   If you have a question as to whether your course will qualify, please contact us for clarification.
    At this time there is no specified amount of hours that are required for a course.  The course may be required to contain a virtual component for some students.  If this is required, we will ask you for relevant links first and then provide them ourselves if you do not have any.  A course description must be filled out for each of your courses along with a syllabus. We will use the following form to create these.  Courses may take place at your location or at a location available in a district building.  
    There are three ways you may partner with us; Direct, Partial Direct and Indirect
    If your class is offered in a district building, we ask that you allow one place in each course for use by the district for placement of one of its other non-traditional students.  This one student will be a non-paying student. 
    There is a budgeted amount per semester, please contact Gail Bliss for that amount.  If your course exceeds this amount, the families will be responsible for paying you directly. 
    Courses cannot have mandatory attendance dates prior to Labor Day.  Courses may continue into the summer as long as at least half of the hours are in the Spring semester.
    Attendance must be kept throughout the semester.  An attendance sheet will be generated for each course, and you will be responsible for entering in the dates that students attend your course.
    "Count Day" is a very important day in the school district.  There are two of these days; one in the Fall and one in the Spring.  This is the day that the State of Michigan determines the students enrolled in our school and consequently validates our courses for payment.  We require that a student attend a minimum of one class before "Count Day" and one on or within 30 days of "Count Day" before payment of your invoice.  Payment of your invoice will be mailed after confirmation of these attendance dates.
    Invoices should contain the following information: (Sample)
    • Letterhead that includes;

      • Your Name, address, email and phone number

      • Whom you want the check made out to if different than above

      • The course title

      • The student’s name

      • The amount billed


       The invoice may be email to gail.bliss@nilesschools.org or mailed to:

    Niles Community Schools 
    Attn: Gail Bliss - Homeschool Liaison
    111 Spruce Street
    Niles, Michigan  49120

       A W9 is required to be filled out once before the first invoice can be submitted.

      Homeschool Liaison contact information for Niles Community Schools is:

    Gail Bliss

    111 Spruce Street

    Niles, Michigan  49120


    (574)340-1025 (cell)

    (269)262-4505 (office)


Last Modified on June 1, 2017