• This program introduces students to a field that is constantly growing and changing. New technologies in this industry bring improved agricultural products to consumers, while aiming to minimize impact on the environment. Practical applications for students take place in the greenhouse, gardens, agriscience labs and environments throughout the community. agri
    Core training areas include agriculture and natural resources careers, basic equipment operation, sustainability and environmental effects, plant identification, propagation, recycling and composting, landscaping, and cultural requirements for ornamental and edible plant growth. Animal Science activities cover small animal productions activities and animal science topics of domestic and wild animals. Forestry and recreational lands Recycling and composting Structures and equipment Sustainable food production Business/marketing entrepreneurship Agriscience leadership Topics are blended in an entrepreneurial and career focused curriculum. Significant leadership, competition and travel opportunities are available within this program.
    Content Areas:
    • AgriScience and natural resources careers
    • Animal science and small animal production
    • Plant Science and greenhouse operations
    • Soil and water management
    • Wildlife and fisheries
    • Urban Agriculture
    • Forestry and recreational lands
    • Recycling and composting  
    • Structures and equipment
    • Sustainable food production
    • Business/marketing entrepreneurship
    • Agriscience leadership
     Helpful Experience and Aptitudes
    • Like to work outdoors
    • Problem solves and communicates within a team
    • Shows initiative and creativity
    • Ability to focus and complete long term tasks in a timely manner
    • Values and takes pride in conserving the world’s resources
    • Advocates for maintaining a sustainable environment
    Career Opportunities
    • Landscape and lawn maintenance
    • Greenhouse grower
    • Animal health technician
    • Agricultural entrepreneur
    • Ag equipment operator/ mechanic
    • Agricultural sales and marketing
    • Forestry and soils technicians
    • Parks and recreation worker
    • Nursery/garden center manager

    Benefits for the College Bound 

     Many agriculture and Natural Resources careers will require post secondary training. We serve the producers and they rely on our advanced knowledge of crop, animal and natural systems. High school students will benefit from the exposure to a many career opportunities and links to college programs. Students will have access to many employment and internship possibilities with federal and state agencies, parks, natural resources and agricultural services. There are always summer employment options for the highly motivated student in related occupations