• culinary The Culinary Arts Academy is a 3 hour program that will teach you the latest culinary arts and restaurant management techniques. The students will learn basic food hygiene, safety skills, along with cooking fundamentals and food serving skills. Students will learn teamwork, collaboration, responsibility and working under pressure in the restaurant industry. You can also be nationally certified in sanitation with the ServSafe certification. ServSafe is a valuable certification that will ensure employability in many restaurants. We will explore every facet of culinary arts, as well as learn the vital practice of quality food prep. 
    Content Areas:  
    • Hotel/Motel Manager
    • Travel & Tourism
    • Restaurant Manager
    • Chef
     • Cook
    • Baker
    • Industrial cooking,
    hospitals, institutions

    Potential Careers:

    • Hotel Receptionist/Manager
    • Hospital Food Service
    • Server
    • Statistician
    • Restaurant Manager
    • Chef
    • Cook
    • Baker
    • Host/Hostess
    • Catering
    • Food Technission
    • Food Broker
    • Food Demonstrator
    • Food Service Worker
    • Food Photojournalist
    • Butcher
    • Dietition
    • Nutritionist
    • Nutrition Aide

    College credits will be available through Lake Michigan College. 

    Crosswalk Credit: 
    The Culinary Arts Academy will also crosswalk with English 11 or 12.
    will cover the Math 12 requirements and a Social Studies credit