• The Commercial Arts Academy is a half-day program that will allow students to learn about how fine arts relates to different careers. This program would be to enhance the students’ ability in creativity, imagination and to hone entrepreneurial skills in the artistic arena. The arts are a way of communicating feelings and ideas in various ways through art media. It involves relating to the intellectual, intuitive and emotional aspects of each individual. Importantly, the arts develop workplace qualities such as teamwork, collaboration, flexibility, personal expression of ideas and appreciation and respect for others creativity.
    Students would learn to explore these areas in conjunction with other subject matter to create a broader scope of interdisciplinary classrooms. comart
    Students would also learn to market their skills through art shows, sales of work and display within the community. LMC College courses are also available through advanced classes in Art Appreciation 101 and Art 102. Students can receive 6 credit hours during their high school career while working on portfolios as well.
    Helpful Experience and Aptitudes
    • Likes to work in different arts media
    • Likes to create or use imagination
    • Teamwork atmosphere
    • Produce professional artwork
    • Public relations skills to promote work
    • Organizational skills
    Career Opportunities
    • Commercial Artist
    • Web/Graphic Designer
    • Floral Designer
    • Visual/Merchandising
    • Photographer
    • Interior Designer
    • Architect
    • Art Historian• Illustrator
    • Painting Restorer
    • Fine Artist
    • Industrial Designer
    • Advertising
    • Art Education
    • Fashion Designer
    • Museum Curator
    Direct Credit is available through Lake Michigan College for 6 credit hours; Art
    Appreciation 101, Art 102.
    Crosswalk Credit:
    The Commercial Arts Academy will also crosswalk with English 11 or 12, will cover
    the Math 12 requirement, and a Social Studies credit.