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  • Viking Pride!

    Viking Pride! It is more than what we do on the athletic field or court. It epitomizes how we feel about being part of the Niles community. Niles is a great place to live. It is also a great place to learn, to play and to be. Viking Pride embodies how we feel about ourselves and our community. Niles Community Schools, in partnership with the community, is dedicated to inspiring and preparing all learners through diverse opportunities to challenge the present and enrich the future. Viking Pride is Alive!

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  • Welcome to Southside!
    Paula Hopkins, Principal
    Southside School operates two center-based programs for low incidence special needs students and students who are not achieving, primarily due to an inability to control their behavior.  Both programs require a full time placement.  We serve all of Berrien County with the majority of the students coming from the southern half of the region.  Referrals for placement are made to Southside only after the resident district has exhausted all other less restrictive interventions.
    Safe and Civil Schools played a key roll in our district. After three years of training, we have taken on a new and improved Southside.
    We were taught how to implement the Foundations program which involved a positive behavior support program designed to make your school safer, more civil and more productive.  With that we also went over the importance of School Culture and School Connectedness.
    At Southside, we examine key issues related to our building and develop policies that will be implemented and monitored to address behavioral expectations for students and staff.  We have implemented Guidelines for Success which is 3 - 5 lifelong character traits that students need in order to be successful in school and in life.  Our staff has been trained on the positive, proactive classroom management as well as TCI (therapeutic crisis intervention.)  This Foundation program is an on-going collection of interpreting data to help revise policies and procedures on learning how to effectively address the basic needs of all students.
    Southside Mission Statement
    Our mission is to uphold a safe, caring and respectful learning environment where high expectations, independence and responsibility are promoted.  We stress the importance of life long learning because we believe our students can meet the demands of a rapidly changing society.