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Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith – Librarian at Oak Manor


Community members are a vital part of Niles Community Schools (NCS), whether they act as teachers, administrators, librarians or volunteers. NCS is fortunate to have individuals like Oak Manor Librarian Lisa Smith who is passionate about what they do every single day and dedicate their lives to helping children succeed. Lisa has been connected to Oak Manor in a variety of roles for 22 years and has made a tremendous impact in the lives of students, families and teachers, starting as a volunteer when her children were in school.

Lisa was born and raised in Niles and graduated from NCS. Having been a part of the community her entire life, she is deeply invested in students and their success as they advance in their education. She began volunteering as a parent in the classroom and as a member of the district’s PTO, where she was willing to jump in and help wherever she was needed. Once she became involved through volunteering, Lisa transitioned to helping with popcorn sales and bake sales. From there, she took on a lunch supervisor position and then moved on to become an overflow aid for the special education program at Oak Manor. After some time in that role, she became PTO president. Lisa has always been an advocate for the school, bringing positivity, passion and smiles along the way.

Once she was through serving as PTO president, Lisa became an instructional aid before helping in the library computer lab and subbing for the librarian when she was absent. Effective February 2016, Lisa took over the librarian position for Oak Manor and has been overjoyed with the duties thus far.

“Lisa is willing to do whatever she can to help students and her cheerful demeanor is delightful,” said Adam Burtsfield, Principal of Oak Manor. “She works with children to help get them on the appropriate reading level – often taking time out of her personal schedule to assist students. Lisa is dedicated to Oak Manor and Niles Community Schools and is committed to seeing the betterment of everyone in our community.”

One of Lisa’s favorite things about her job is investing in the kids and seeing them transition into middle school, high school, college and beyond. She believes her job is rewarding, especially when students remember the small things she has done for them and they carry it through their education into their adult life. Because of her tenure at Oak Manor, Lisa has the pleasure of working with previous students’ children and enjoys knowing whole families from her time at the school.

“Lisa gives kids a positive start and end to their day,” said Adam. “She has a phenomenal relationship with every student and is a great role model for our kids.”

The district thanks Lisa for her hard work, dedication and the contagious passion she has for our community and for our schools. Go Vikings!