COVID-19 Grant Funds

Teacher COVID-19 Grant - please read all this information carefully. Theses grant funds are now available to GSRP, Head Start, Adult Education and Adult Special Education Teachers if eligibility requirements are met.

Pursuant to Public Act 257 of 2020, legislation was passed that appropriated funding, $500 per classroom teacher,  for the Teacher COVID-19 Grant.  Under this act the Michigan Department of Treasury is required to distribute the funds directly to classroom teachers.  Niles Community Schools will not be distributing the funds and is only facilitating this grant for you.

Niles Community schools is responsible for collecting certification forms as well as determining preliminary eligibility.  Niles Community Schools has determined your preliminary eligibility as classroom teacher under Public Act 257 of 2020. Your final eligibility is determined by your answers on Form 5741. 

"Classroom teacher" is statutorily defined as a full-time or part-time K-12 teacher with an assigned class who provided continuity of learning to students during the 2019-2020 period of school closure that resulted from COVID-19.

 In order to qualify as an eligible “classroom teacher” for the Teacher COVID-19 Grant, Public Act 257 of 2020 requires that the grant recipient be a K-12 classroom teacher who taught in a school district or nonprofit nonpublic school in the 2019-2020 school year and meets the classroom teacher statutory requirements to receive grant funding.

Please click on this link: Form 5741 to access the form as well as instructions on how to fill it out.  This form must be filled out completely and returned electronically to Niles Community Schools by April 9, 2021.  The Michigan Department of Treasury is distributing these grant funds.  Here is the link to their Frequently Asked Questions. MI Classroom Heroes COVID-19 Grant.


Supporting documentation for grant requirements in Form 5741 part 3a is required to be retained for 7 years and must be produced and provided upon request by the Michigan Department of Treasury within 5 business days from the recipient of the grant.  This documentation does not need to be provided to the district.  By signing form 5741, you are acknowledging that you have all the required backup documentation and will provide it when requested by either the Niles Community Schools or Michigan Department of Treasury.  You are also acknowledging that by signing Form 5741, Niles Community Schools will be held harmless to any fines or reimbursements from any federal or state agency on your behalf for any documentation that you cannot produce. 


**All questions should be directed to Jennifer Cunningham in HR/Personnel.

Thank you!

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